The team didn’t idile – worked on expansion

  • Opening new offices in 28 countries for Immobilium
  • Over 1600 properties online worth over $6bn available for instant purchase with both crypto and fiat
  • A global network of agents supporting development of Immobilium network

Tech partnerships – AI

  • Working with to bring AI powered property search integrated with Immobilium platform
  • AI to allow easier matching for buyers, resulting in more transactions and expanded use of $IMB tokens

$IMB token in service of industry professionals

  • Allows Agents to access International listings, Off-market properties, Auctions, Foreclosures, wholesales, etc. with global on-site supportCommission payout guarantees through Immobilium network
  • OUR LISTING IS YOUR LISTING Commission payout guarantees through Immobilium network Hubs and offices. Promote and sell everything we have as if it is your own portfolio. Properties, Yachts, Planes, Art, and Fine Jewelry. etc.Affiliate marketing opportunities for most active professional users
  • Agents with active licenses get free personalized profiles for the promotion of both own and Immobilium-affiliated properties.
  • Agents have the ability to offer Fractional ownershipCrypto based mortgages, Private funding, and one-click purchases to their clients.
  • UP TO 100% commission kept by an Agent. The more coins you have the less commission you will split with Immobilium.
Step by step guide how to create a wallet

Onboarding process for private investors and partners

1. Open wallet on 0BS network
a) Go to –

b) Select “Get Started”

c) You will create a new account. It is recommended that you leave the option “Keep the account on this computer” unchecked unless you’re confident that no one will have access to the current computer.
Press “Continue”.

d) Give your account a name, set up a good password including both regular and caps, numbers and special symbols for extra security. When done press “Continue”.

e) Get your pen and three pieces of paper ready! So old school, right?

f) Please take security seriously. Read, be alert and don’t get scammed. If unsure, always contact official customer support yourself directly. So, your pen and papers are ready?

g) In the position of black square in the image above, you will see 15 (fifteen words). Please write these words down, NO CAPS and always single space between words. There is no space before the first word and no space after the last one.
h) Write down these combinations on three different pieces of paper and keep them separate and apart.
i) DO NOT screenshot, take pictures with your phone or use any other electronic device to record the 15 words! Also make sure no one is watching your screen.
j) DO NOT try to memorize it on the very first occasion.
k) Whoever has access to these can have access to your wallet, please keep it save – you are your own best security!

l) You will be asked to confirm your combination on next screen, drag and drop the words in the correct order / combination and click “Confirm”

m) Read, understand and select all three boxes on this page and click “Confirm and Begin”

n) Click on the top left corner where Avatar of your account is located (colorful boxes in a circle, next to the “Assets” button, above wallet icon).
o) The Dialog box as in the image above will open. You can copy your address by clicking on two blue boxes (“copy” icon). Your wallet address is copied to clipboard.
p) Send the address to Immobilium team to be able to receive tokens
Step by step guide

How to buy tokens with your credit card

a) Enter your wallet using your security phrase. Pin IMB asset (by pressing “+” on white box) to visible assets so that your screen looks like this. Importance notice: to be able to buy IMB tokens with Credit Card you must posses IMB tokens beforehand which means whitelisting your wallet or otherwise qualifying to become a holder. Licensed real estate agents may qualify for limited free IMB tokens.

b) Under Immobilium Asset, click “Buy” button with credit card icon to access following screen.

c) Select a pre determined amount of IMB tokens you would like to purchase. Please note that you can buy from 25,000 to 249,950 IMB (US$ 500 – US$ 4,999) tokens in one transaction. Check boxes to confirm acceptance to terms and conditions.

d) After selecting the desired amount you will be taken to screen where you can enter you CC number and confirm payment. The tokens get transferred to your wallet directly.

If this is too hard for you to figure out, contact us and we will do it for you.