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Blockchain – powered real estate trading platform

– One-click purchase
– First-in-class crypto-enabled real estate platform
– Fully integrated transactional services (escrow, title, notary)
– AML/KYC-compliant design
– Fractional ownership and investment opportunities
– Integrated facility and property management services
Proprietary coin based on the Immobilium Blockchain Ecosystem

Real estate trading and investment platform

Immobilium is a comprehensive real estate trading and investment platform which allows users to purchase properties or invest in fractional ownership in a matter of minutes, bypassing traditionally long escrow times. The platform aims to become the first globally decentralized real estate exchange, powered by a blockchain.

Token Sale TOKEN

ICO Crypto token will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitocin platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Start - May 5, 2022

(10:00AM PST)

Number of tokens for sale

500.000.000 (5%)

End of private pre-sale September 8th 2023

(10:00AM PST)

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

50.000 $IMB

Maximum transaction amount


Tokens exchange rate

1US$ = 50$IMB,
1USDT = 55$IMB,
1BTC = 1.515.000$IMB,
1ETH = 96.000$IMB

Tokenomics APPS

Total Token Supply ($IMB): 10,000,000,000 $IMB Tokens

Total Token Supply

Use of Funds


Q1 2022

Private sale of $IMB tokens

Q2 2022

Completion of main functionalities of the platform and testing

Q2 2022

First mass promotion, billboards, adverts on public transport in LA and events

Q2 2022

Probing of first expansions outside California

Q3 2022

Immobilium platform test launch

Q3 2022

BTC/ETH direct transactions enabled on the platform

Q3 2022

Immobilium International Hubs open in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey and Serbia

Q1 2023

Immobilium international hubs open in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, Portugal

Q2 2023

Immobilium International Hubs open in Cayman Islands, Dubai, Zanzibar, Israel, Mexico

Q3 2023

Deployment of Fractional ownership mode and execution of first transactions in Europe

Q3 2023

Integration for P2P lending, mortgages, crypto backed mortgages and other financing options

Q4 2023

Immobilium token ICO executed

Q1 2024

Immobilium token present on three different CEX and integrated with other cryptocurrencies (asset backed stablecoins)

Q2 2024

Community consensus on release of additional tokens if decision is positive

Q3 2024

(When and if applicable at the time) regulatory approval bid for $IMBtoken be licensed as security in the USA.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

ICO Crypto token will be released the Ethereum and Bitcoin platforms. The ICO token is compatible with third-party services and is fully integrated with a wide range of wallets & exchanges.

Immobilium platform is a real estate trading and investment platform enabling users to instantly purchase actual properties and participate in fractional ownership investments. The platform aims to become the first global decentralized real estate exchange, powered by blockchain.

Register your interest for participation and purchase of tokens. Leave contact details and proceed to complete KYC/AML documentation necessary to get approved for immobilium network. Receive instructions for payment processing and prepare your wallet to receive $IMB tokens!

Yes, in this phase you can buy only up to 5 million $IMB tokens at $50,000. With maximum purchase, you would be eligible for Platinum tier staking benefits on the platform yet we as a community would avoid having users with too many tokens so we can effectively limit individual’s possibility to engage in pump and dump activities. We are interested in serving long term benefits to the community primarily.

Yes, $IMB tokens can be bought with BTC and ETH by default. For other Coinbase listed currencies, inquire separately.

No, $IMB is a proof of stake token. $IMB does not require mining or any other activity that could cause any more damage to the environment than your mobile device/iPad/computer you use in everyday life.


First round completed!

Token price of $0.015 will remain valid for all purchases till 8th of August 2022 midnight PST (subject to availability).

Second round completed!

Token price of $0.01742 will remain valid for purchases till 3rd March
2023 midnight PST (subject to availability).

Third round completed!

Token price of of $0.02 will remain valid for purchase until 8th
September 2023. Minimum purchase volume 50.000 IMB. Get your
tokens now by filling out the contact us form.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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