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We are airdropping up to $3,000 of $IMB tokens from 4:00PM 13th of May 2022 to 11:59PM 17th of May 2022 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

In order to join the airdrop, any user must:
Follow our official Instagram or Twitter
Like our latest post for airdrop
Write us a message with your instagram or twitter @handles and where we should send you the $IMB Tokens by completing the contact us form

Each day there will be an airdrop of $1,000 divided among the participants that have fulfilled the required requirements mentioned above. Disclaimer: $IMB Token is based on real life solutions and as such every owner of $IMB Tokens must go through the AML/KYC process. In order to receive the $IMB Tokens from this airdrop, please note that you must be AML/KYC verified or if you have start the verification process during the airdrop event you will receive the divided amount as soon as you become verified.

In accordance with the provisions of the General Rules for Participation, organised by IMB Technology Group, INC. Centennial Towers, Suite 205C, 2454 West Bay Road, Cayman, brought on 12th of May 2022 the following:


Article 1.
IMB Technology Group, INC (hereinafter: the Organiser) organises a promotional airdrop event for $IMB Token called “$IMB TOKEN AIRDROP EVENT” (hereinafter: airdrop event) starting from 4:00PM 13th of May 2022 to 11:59PM 15th of May 2022 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The right to receive $IMB Tokens belongs to participants who during any day of the airdrop event fulfil the requirements to join the airdrop event and have met the requirements of owning $IMB Token, which is being successfully verified through the AML/KYC process.
Participants that meet the requirements will receive a prize of $1,000 in $IMB Tokens for each day of participation in the event, which will be divided among all participants that meet the requirements of owning an $IMB Token. Example:
On the first day of participation only 1 person (Person A) has met all the requirements to receive the $IMB Token. That person receives $1,000
On the second day of participation 4 people (Person A from previous day, Person B, Percon C and Person D) meet all the requirements to receive the $IMB Token. All 4 people receive $250 $IMB Tokens.
On the third day of participation 50 people meet all the requirements to receive the $IMB Token. Each person receives $20 $IMB Tokens.
Total airdropped amount is $3,000 $IMB Tokens. Any participant is able to receive the full prize in case the other participants do not meet the requirements of owning an $IMB Token.
Participants will receive their $IMB Tokens within 30 days of the end of the airdrop event.

Article 2.
The Organiser reserves the right to change this Decision, if required by technical or commercial requirements or some other reason.
The Organiser has the right to suspend and / or cancel the potential airdrop event for any participant if the participant violates any of the rules of participation and / or owning of the $IMB Token.
If the Organiser finds that more than one person tries to receive the $IMB Tokens for another person, or if the person tries to receive the $IMB Tokens on someone else’s wallet, or violates any of the rules of the Organiser, they will not be able to receive the $IMB Tokens.
Personal data of participants of this promotional activity are collected only for the purpose of conducting this promotional activity. Personal data allows the identification of the participant in order to receive the $IMB Tokens. By participating in this promotional activity, the participants give permission for the Organiser to collect the data of the participants for the aforementioned purpose. This personal information may include, but are not limited to: participants social media @handle, participants wallet address, participants email and any other relevant information that is required to awarding the $IMB Tokens to the participant. Aforementioned personal information will not be used for any other reason except for this promotion, unless explicitly allowed by the participant.
The Organiser will inform the participants about all changes and news related to this Decision by publishing them on the Organiser’s website imbcoin.io
This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption, it shall apply from 12th of May 2022 UTC and it is published on the organisers website imbcoin.io